Here’s a program that reads a text file and creates another file that is identical except that every sequence of consecutive blank spaces is replaced by a single space:

def remove_extra_spaces(input_file, output_file):
    with open(input_file, 'r') as file_in:
        with open(output_file, 'w') as file_out:
            for line in file_in:
                line = ' '.join(line.split())
                file_out.write(line + '\n')

input_file = 'input.txt'
output_file = 'output.txt'
remove_extra_spaces(input_file, output_file)


In this program, the remove_extra_spaces function takes two parameters: input_file (the name of the input file) and output_file (the name of the output file). It reads the input file line by line, splits each line into words using .split(), and then joins the words back together using a single space ' '.join(). The resulting line with consecutive blank spaces replaced by a single space is then written to the output file.

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