Write a program to count the words “to” and “the” present in a text file “Poem.txt”

Here’s a Python program to counts the occurrences of the words “to” and “the” in a text file called “Poem.txt”:

def count_words(filename):
        with open(filename, 'r') as file:
            content = file.read()
            # Convert all words to lowercase for case-insensitive matching
            content = content.lower()
            # Remove punctuation marks
            content = content.replace('.', '').replace(',', '').replace('!', '').replace('?', '')

            word_count = {'to': 0, 'the': 0}

            words = content.split()
            for word in words:
                if word == 'to':
                    word_count['to'] += 1
                elif word == 'the':
                    word_count['the'] += 1

            return word_count

    except FileNotFoundError:
        print(f"File '{filename}' not found.")
        return None

filename = 'Poem.txt'
result = count_words(filename)

if result:
    print(f"Occurrences of 'to': {result['to']}")
    print(f"Occurrences of 'the': {result['the']}")


Make sure you have a text file named “Poem.txt” in the same directory as the Python script, and the file should contain the text you want to analyze. The program reads the file, converts all the words to lowercase for case-insensitive matching, removes punctuation marks, and then counts the occurrences of the words “to” and “the”. Finally, it prints the results.


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