Write a method in Python to write multiple line of text contents into a text file mylife.txt.

Python method called write_multiple_lines that writes multiple lines of text content into a text file named “mylife.txt”:

def write_multiple_lines(contents):
        with open("mylife.txt", 'w') as file:
        print("Text content written successfully to 'mylife.txt'.")

    except IOError:
        print("Error occurred while writing to file.")

# Example usage:
text_contents = ["This is line 1.\n", "This is line 2.\n", "This is line 3.\n"]



In the write_multiple_lines method, the contents parameter is a list of strings representing the lines of text you want to write to the file. Each string should include the line content followed by the newline character (\n) to separate the lines.

The method opens the file “mylife.txt” in write mode ('w') and uses the writelines method to write the list of contents into the file. Each element of the list is written as a separate line.

After writing the contents, the method prints a success message.


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