What are the advantages disadvantages of working in interactive mode in Python?

Advantages/Disadvantages of working in interactive mode in Python:


  • Quick feedback: Interactive mode allows you to immediately see the results of each statement or expression, which can be helpful for testing small pieces of code or experimenting.
  • Exploratory programming: It allows you to interactively explore libraries, test functions, and experiment with code snippets.
  • Learning and teaching: Interactive mode can be useful for learning Python syntax, experimenting with language features, and teaching programming concepts interactively.


  • Limited scalability: Interactive mode is not suitable for writing large programs or complex systems, as it lacks features like code organization, debugging tools, and reusability.
  • Lack of file management: In interactive mode, there’s no easy way to manage and organize code files as you would in a traditional script-based development approach.
  • Difficulty in reproducing code: If you perform a series of operations in interactive mode, it can be challenging to reproduce the same steps and results unless you save them manually.


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